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    When you look at the 2015 it focused a general sounding ‘genderists’ one to incorporated gender teachers, feminists, and Lgbt activists

    He is to try out a couple of things meanwhile: brand new polarisation games additionally the correct-side the means to access sex since a word getting chaos and you can imbalance, and also for new colonisation of Poland of the West. They made it happen just before and they have over it once more. Scapegoating is part of they. Now the definition of ‘sex ideology’ might have been replaced by ‘Lgbt ideology’, with some of the same factors but more definitely plans minorities. PiS is wanting to reach is actually a definite demarcation anywhere between ‘us’ and you may ‘them’ that may mobilise their electorate due to a sense of stress, fear, and you may ethical superiority. Прочитать остальную часть записи »