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    S. Calverley; and more current examples (plus Dorothy Parker and Phyllis McGinley)

    This program explores the fresh limits off poetic phrase, especially in relation to verse forms perhaps not generally accorded the fresh status regarding poetry: ballads, rubbish verse, limericks, or any other models which can be both categorized together, because the very early twentieth-century, just like the “light verse.” W. Part of the interest regarding Auden’s collection, yet not, was which intersected within key points to your big heritage, and additionally match examples of verse out-of Chaucer, Pope, and you may Byron. We’ll understand some of those choices sitio de citas gordo gorditos and Cavalier words of the 17th 100 years; the fresh new Victorians Lewis Carroll, Edward Lear, and you will C. A primary matter may be the standards not as much as which the modernist moment seems to have delivered their opposite: verse models essentially invested in old-fashioned rhyme and you can meter as well as a getting rejected out-of laureate severity. Прочитать остальную часть записи »