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During the spring season the real difference in pounds centered on sex improved away from 0

Considering the affairs between all of the learnt facts given that minimal, the fresh new mathematical data try did having fun with a shot version of XLSTAT 2014.5 (Addinsoft 2014), leading to univariate analysis (detailed analytics and you will graphical analysis) and you may bivariate studies (regression and you can determination coefficients R?). The development shows considering 12 months was in fact opposed using z and t-decide to try. Finally, to shot the newest feeling of one’s mother’s years towards lamb’s weight, an analysis out-of difference (ANOVA) is did accompanied by Tukey and you can Newman-keuls mode analysis screening.

Effectation of the entire year

Even though the beginning indicate weight was identical through the springtime (step 3.05 kg) and you will trip (3.03 kilogram), you will find an extremely significant difference in the putting on weight, between lambs born during the a few year; the highest progress was filed in spring (Figure step one). Our very own abilities indicated that lambs born while in the springtime demonstrated a growth into the indicate weight out-of thirteen.3 kilogram towards the period away from birth to the ages of 3 months, whereas inside the same time (0-3 months) the newest imply pounds boost was eleven.5 kg to have lambs born while in the fall. Such results have been concordant with people said by the other experts (Anallaet al 1997 and you will Rekik et al 2008) just who discovered that the newest lambing year try a very significant foundation away from influence. Predicated on such authors, the best weight expands have been constantly linked to spring season. Inside the reverse, Fernandez-Abella (1991) and you may Chniter et al (2011) pointed out that lambs created during the fall seasons were have a tendency to heavier than those born inside the spring season for the majority types. Прочитать остальную часть записи »