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So what does the brand new particle model of number illustrate you?

Ideas resemble designs. It describe scientific phenomena (some thing and you can situations which might be described and you may informed me inside the scientific terms) having fun with images and terminology.

  • The matter is comprised of particles that will be very quick — much too quick observe towards the naked-eye. The fresh new particles should be atoms otherwise combinations away from atoms that are bonded.
  • Discover forces within dust.
  • This new dirt into the count are always moving. The more opportunity he has, quicker it move.

Which backlinks to Gr. six Time and change where in fact the subject areas regarding held times and you may movement opportunity was indeed safeguarded. During the Label 3, Energy and alter, this type of rules might possibly be laid out even more formally once the kinetic energy (path times) and you will possible time (stored times).