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    Valentine’s Are An active Season — To have Gynecological Injuries. An OBGYN Shares An easy way to Prevent them

    Valentine’s day has arrived, and in addition to securing gifts, chocolate, vegetation and you will undergarments, of numerous people use the time, together with tension that is included with it to act other, to move something upwards throughout the bedroom. Some of the info men and women are picking out whether or not is actually obtaining women in the hospital.

    Andrea Alexander, MD, FACOG, a panel-specialized gynecologist located in Houston, shared an extremely insightful reel to your Instagram prior to the vacation discussing the kinds of one thing she observes regarding the emergency room towards the and you may immediately after Romantic days celebration, together with genital rips and you will abrasions, international stuff regarding vagina, vulvar injury and tears, genital bleeding, vulvar and genital frustration from food and you will fresh lubrication being entered, genital apex ruptures demanding operations and much more. Прочитать остальную часть записи »