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    Priestly Clothing (Exodus twenty eight and you may 39, Leviticus 8:7-9)

    The workers in the tabernacle contained one or two groups: priests and you will Levites. Levites have been all of these who had been area of the tribe of Levi. The newest priests had been part of the group out-of Levi also, however, was in fact concurrently descendants out-of Aaron, Moses’ sibling. It’s complicated. All the priests were Levites, although not the Levites have been priests.

    In the Exodus, the new Levites had form of commitments from inside the establishing and providing down the newest tabernacle, planning it getting transportation, and also holding brand new ark or any other chairs (Wide variety step three). It is possible they’d particular responsibilities given that tabernacle team too (Deuteronomy 18:1; 17:9). Over the course of the brand new Judges, they might have officiated from the most other legitimate altars so you can Yahweh as well as the only during the Shiloh (Judges 17-18). The audience is simply not sure. 19 The current-time Jewish surnames «Levi» and you will «Levine» come from it tribal term.


    The fresh priests and you may Levites was to discovered zero inheritance on Assured Homes; instead they’d getting supported by the fresh new tithes of the people. The lord advised Moses:

    «We give the new Levites most of the tithes within the Israel because the genetics in return for the work they actually do if you find yourself serving from the Tent of Fulfilling.» (Amounts )

    The other tenth of its black hookup app tithe would be to be provided with to help you this new priests to assist support their families (Number ). In addition, the new priests obtained area of the sacrifices and you will cereals products due to their household to consume (Number 18:8-20).

    From the history of Israel after that, in the event that country’s believe is good, new tithe was accessible to hold the ministry, but once it had been weak, revival are wanted to fix the technique of tithing (dos Chronicles dos:2-10). Прочитать остальную часть записи »