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    Change in socio-intellectual operating: partnering “hot” interpersonal advice

    This transformation conception may explain the resolution of harsh self-criticism, a central clinical feature of BPD [48, 51,52,53]. Whelton and Greenberg (2005) proposed a paradigm of studying emotion transformation related to self-criticism using the empty-chair dialogue. Patients criticized themselves in a structured assessment procedure using imaginative and emotion-eliciting enactment tasks. It appeared that the depressive persons presented more self-contemptuousness in their self-criticism, compared to controls and presented with higher levels of shame, sadness and emotional collapse, along with less pride . This study was on 45 undergraduates presenting with or without anger problems, using the same paradigm . What differentiated the two groups was the presence of self-contemptuousness, t (1, 43) = 1.91, p < .05) associated with the self-criticism, along with the absence of the existential need in the anger-prone individuals. This means that for anger-prone participants - who share this clinical feature to some extent with BPD - self-criticism is particularly harmful to the emotion transformation when associated with self-contemptuousness. We may therefore assume that decrease in self-contemptuousness - and possibly increase in its antidote, self-compassion - and increase in emotion flexibility are markers of productive change in treatment.

    During the people with BPD, you can identify a main motif per person, that’s present in more 60% of your specific matchmaking attacks [67, 68]

    Emotion transformation related to self-criticism is underpinned by biological changes. Using standardized stimuli, Longe et al. (2010) showed in a female student sample (N = 17) a blood oxygen level dependent (BOLD) activation (intra-subject comparison to a neutral condition at the level p < .05 corrected) in the left pre-frontal cortex (PFC; Brodman area (BA) 45), in the lateral orbito-frontal cortex (OFC; BA 47), in the left dorsolateral PFC (BA 9) and in the inferior and middle temporal gyrus (BA 20 and 21, including the lingual gyrus, BA 19) . The hyperactivity in pre-orbito-frontal and orbito-frontal regions associated with self-criticism in this study was interpreted as linked with the inhibitory behavior known to be associated with activation of the lateral PFC . Brain activity in the striatum has been associated with self-punishing emotions of self-criticism , such as shame, anger about the self and self-contemptuousness . In addition, some regions of the insula-basal ganglia networks are known to be associated with processing of disgust . In an fMRI study using individualized self-critical stimuli (which were previously selected based on a large set of words), Doerig and colleagues (2013) showed bilateral insula activation, along with activations in left hippocampus and amygdalar formations, interpreted as regions recruited in emotion processing of self-critical stimuli . More research is needed to understand change in self-contemptuousness and its neuronal substrates over the course of treatment for BPD, when an individualized measurement method is applied.

    Improvement in the person’s socio-intellectual otherwise mentalizing capacities was chatted about due to the fact good putative apparatus regarding change in the treatment of BPD [52, 59, 60]. Прочитать остальную часть записи »

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