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    They certainly were hired in public colleges for the metropolitan and you can suburban section out-of Chieti and you may Rome

    Next, i aimed to understand more about in the event the and what the amount three certain elements, particularly, attitudes off child-rearing dating (in terms of psychological supply), feelings regulation tips (intellectual reappraisal and you will expressive inhibition), and you may CU traits (callousness, unemotional, and you will uncaring), are pertaining to Sites addiction. Particularly, we hypothesised one thinking from a low child-rearing relationships and you may highest quantities of CU faculties would be you can predictors out of Web sites dependency.

    For feelings control, regardless if almost every other studies have looked this matter, the particular feeling regulation strategy and this can be involved in Internet habits while in the adolescence try undecided. Therefore, contained in this data, we aligned not only to explore this new family relations between psychological controls and you will Internet dependency in this phase of advancement in addition to to verify whether or not a certain feelings control approach (intellectual reappraisal and you may/otherwise expressive suppression) is generally predictive regarding Web sites habits. Given the not enough specific look examining individual emotion regulation strategies, we really do not advance people hypothesis on if and you can just what type of feeling regulation method might have a beneficial predictive energy to possess Sites dependency.

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    = 2.08; 57.6% females). Paper-and-pencil questionnaires was in fact given, and all members offered its told concur according to the Declaration out of Helsinki. Getting underage professionals, authored advised concur has also been obtained from their parents and you can away from college government. Прочитать остальную часть записи »