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    We did prosper financally, however, understandably the private side of our very own dating sustained

    Once i was Top-dog

    With all of so it talk regarding obedience, collars, kneeling on his feet etc We supposeit was difficult for you to definitely accept that a ladies like We could have become this lady submissive journey once the Top dog. But that’s what’s the realities. I’d be reduced following sincere easily failed to promote the entiree story.

    Their Acquiescent Girlfriend

    I have had a natural once you understand almost of my personal mature lifetime which i longed become submissive off to the right man. We hated me for the studies. It went up against the things i had been instructed by my father, by the neighborhood and most importantly everything i got read during my delicate many years…men can not be leading they need to be treated!Create her or him I did. Прочитать остальную часть записи »