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    Do NOT use a comma with a restrictive element, that’s, a keyword, term sweater

    or condition that limits this is of the term or phrase it modifies. a limiting element is not erased without modifying the phrase’s fundamental meaning.

    Faulty: we’ll return the sweater, that I lent, when I use it tonight Right: I’ll get back the sweater that we lent after I wear it tonight.

    Awry: the individuals, exactly who vandalized the school, had been never ever caught. Best: the individuals whom vandalized the college had been never ever caught.

    To see the reason why they are limiting factors, sample eliminating all of them from phrase. As soon as you do this, you will find your first sentence suggests that there is just one sweater, whilst next shows that most of the everyone was never ever caught.

    5. typically, commas divide all the items in a set (three or even more terms, terms, or clauses that come repeatedly in a phrase). Some teachers don’t require a comma before the and even or between your latest two stuff. Look at the teacher’s choice, and stay regular in a choice of using or omitting this comma. Прочитать остальную часть записи »