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    In the event that a lady erred inside her menstrual background, she may end upwards which have sexual affairs during the a forbidden go out

    Rabbi Judah ha-Nasi (latter half of the second and beginning of the third century C.E.), considered to be the redactor of the Codification of basic Jewish Oral Law; edited and arranged by R. Judah ha-Nasi c. 200 C.E. Mishnah , made a statement that started a trend of legal development resulting in the elimination of the category of normal menstruation and its replacement by the category of abnormal bleeding, ziva. His statement reflects the possible confusion in keeping track of one’s period, especially in light of the new system of pithei niddah. If this was done intentionally, the couple incurred the punishment of karet; if done unintentionally, they were obligated to bring a sin offering. Atonement by sacrifice, however, could not be made after the destruction of the Temple in the year 70 C.E. Great efforts were therefore made to prevent inadvertent sins of this nature. BT Niddah 66a gives us Rabbi’s statement: “R. Joseph citing Rav Judah who had it from Rav stated: Rabbi ordained at Sadot: If a woman observed a discharge on one day she must wait six days in addition to it. If she observed discharges on two days she must wait six days in addition to these. If she observed a discharge on three days she must wait seven clean days.”

    Amoraim couldn’t argument tannaitic rulings versus tannaitic assistance nonetheless written fences in the Torah to avoid inadvertent sins

    It declaration from the Rabbi Judah ha-Nasi essentially got rid of the menstruating people on normal Blader door deze site monthly period classification and you will set them on abnormal status regarding zava because most regular symptoms last at the very least 3 days. Прочитать остальную часть записи »