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    During the a great shareholders’ meeting in Basel, the guy stormed brand new podium once the Ospel managed the group

    In the event his referendum fails, the nation will instantly adopt good counterproposal submit of the parliament who force enterprises to hold votes for the manager pay, whilst performance would not be binding

    (Reuters) — Within the ily-possessed company is most popular because of its dated-designed organic tooth paste, assaulted his banker, UBS Chairman Marcel Ospel, as if he have been a kind of persistent plaque. Ospel’s bodyguards grappled that have Minder and wrestled your out in advance of he you certainly will residential property their symbolic strike — he had been trying hands the embattled lead away from Switzerland’s largest bank a pledged copy out-of Swiss company law, and therefore codifies corporate temperance.

    “Men, you’re responsible for the biggest create-lows during the Swiss corporate history,” Minder had railed in just minutes prior to, discussing UBS’s loss of $50 mil in the subprime meltdown you to prompted they to get a federal government bailout. Прочитать остальную часть записи »