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    Today, we shall discover the fresh new matchmaking community into the Northern Korea that have Professor Lee Mi-gyeong during the Institute getting Unification Degree

    Inside breathtaking seasons off blossoming vegetation, of several teenagers are likely dreaming of some center-closing love. A community relationship business says which obtains an increasing number of inquiries in-may, the season of this love and you will wedding parties here in Southern area Korea.

    Technically, relationship is exactly controlled within the Northern Korea, because the close matchmaking could potentially cause a report about punishment for the colleges or offices. Current videos away from Northern Korea show that men and women university youngsters tell you real love together, while skating in the a frost rink. The fresh new views imply that young adults when you look at the Northern Korea are usually relationship freely.

    Before, matchmaking are banned within the schools as well as the armed forces inside Northern Korea, because is actually thought to be a product or service out-of capitalism and you may a subversive feature one to spoils socialism. People that had trapped having a secret go out were heavily slammed. Students, particularly, have been susceptible to rougher punishments. It obtained an alert to start with, was basically suspended otherwise expelled out-of school in the next grade. Once the an exclusion, group have been permitted to enjoys a date once they sworn to exceed the new arranged number of come together or chatted about communist ideas.

    not, the latest breeze off “free like” began to blow in with the reclusive country just like the Southern area Korean clips and tv collection flowed on the North Korean personal areas otherwise jangmadang, hence came up following country experienced an extreme financial contraction in the 1990’s. Прочитать остальную часть записи »