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    Carry out he possess gotten to where he is now in the event that he was indeed an out queer, bi or homosexual person?

    So what does they indicate to have a guy who is not asserting his queer name otherwise homosexual identity — as maybe they won’t identify as a result — precisely what does they mean for this individual hug a man following, once one, kiss a woman onstage, correct?

    DIAZ: Including, so what does it indicate to own one who’s not trans to help you be putting on you to definitely clothing? How much does which means that? It’s not necessarily regarding in the event that Bad Rabbit stacks up and states, I am queer. It is more about Crappy Rabbit creating the area because of it getting a possibility as well as your not to have to evaluate new field.

    And so for me, this is part of so it large point that have Crappy Bunny, which is that i believe that he or she is strong in lots of means due to the fact he’s a musician from opposition and refusal, refusal to suit, refusal to speak English, refusal to express something really clearly regarding the his sex past which he’s relationships on the moment — this refusal to suit — best? — exactly what it method for end up being a good Puerto Rican who has been at the mercy of a myriad of head colonialism is that this has fostered this heart of refusal and you may opposition. Прочитать остальную часть записи »