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    I start with an introduction to the new correlates out-of “resistance to advances in ladies liberties” for the Figure step one

    Empirical show

    The newest profile features two habits, that with important market regulation (empty groups) together with second that has political thinking and you may partisanship (gray groups). Brand new variables’ coefficients quite a few of reason for the new requested guidance, and that reveals legitimacy for our benefit changeable. Namely, people let you know deeper opposition so you’re able to improves into the ladies’ rights, while higher knowledgeable and better earnings anybody tell you smaller opposition. Years is adversely correlated which have resistance so you’re able to ladies legal rights, indicating one more mature individuals are less go against ladies rights, hence we unpack on the then study.

    Contour 1. Covariates off opposition to advances for the ladies legal rights. Coefficients come from negative binomial quote and you may show the newest expected changes on the established changeable of a-one-device boost in the fresh covariate, with 95% CIs. The new site categories are: old 18–30, below second training, low income, and you can ten . Elderly men respondents show a low levels of resistance to help you women’s rights-identical out of girls of the same decades, and therefore lends service so you’re able to latest evidence against the thought of more mature years becoming most go against alterations in modern, liberal beliefs (discover Schafer, 2021). Прочитать остальную часть записи »