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    She wants motherhood and you can devotes a good section of the woman day to help you they

    Venezuelan females having ilies where men are a portion of the leadership and you can breadwinners. Women are widely used to being at house and you will raising youngsters. Relatives connections was highly cherished during the Venezuela, together with proof simple fact is that simple fact that family members real time near to each other. Young women constantly live with its parents before chronilogical age of twenty-five otherwise up to they get involved.

    Girls always get married involving the age of 18 and you may twenty-five, enabling foreign people to find an earlier and you will sexy mate among him or her. Urban household usually have several youngsters. At the same time, inside rural section and you will group with straight down socioeconomic condition, indeed there can usually be up to four or half dozen youngsters. Прочитать остальную часть записи »