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    Orpheus Orpheus are a guy one to fell so in love with river nymph (naiad) Eurydice

    Noah From the bible, Noah with his family relations try mentioned given that just individual survivors of your High Ton. Noah try of your tenth generation shortly after Adam, and all of individuals around the world manage appear from their sons Shem, Ham and you can Japheth. Considering Legend Noah was told by God to construct an Arch to keep themselves along with his friends throughout the ton you to do damage all humankind. He introduced two of all of the kind of animal that have him in the the fresh Arc, one to male and one female. Immediately following a hundred and 50 months water receded, and also the Arc washed onto the mountains from Ararat. Noah founded a keen altar truth be told there, and later proceeded their life. It is said the guy existed becoming 900 years of age, and therewith is the very last of old peoples which were enormously a lot of time-resided. The story has some models as well as in brand new flooding myths out of other Old Near-East nations, the fresh ton survivor is provided some other labels. Examples is actually Atrahasis, Ziusudra, and Utnapishtim for the Sumerian mythology. The man regarding Sumerian misconception is actually spared regarding the flooding of the a caution from groundwater jesus Enki (see 4). Прочитать остальную часть записи »