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    This new exploitations, the numerous and you can unbearable fees was enforced with the Armenians, and this pressed these to move regarding nation

    For this reason, the newest Muslims of your Nakhichevan State of one’s Armenian Oblast one to constructed 58,8 percent of your total population in 1832, weren’t totally Tartars out of Transcaucasia and you will Azeris

    Respond to nine. New mumbai free chat room open market survey for the February ten, 1828, shows that what number of brand new Armenians out of Erevan and Nakhichevan khanates attained 25000 totally, and 5000 ones familiar with are now living in the new area regarding Nakhichevan, whereas, throughout the several khanates, the number of Muslims and individuals, leaving out Armenians, lead together, reached 81000. Прочитать остальную часть записи »