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    Instance, the fresh new intergenerational share hypothesis explores the latest cross-generational character out-of emotional closeness ranging from mothers and children

    The concept of loved ones solidarity otherwise cohesion, since recommended because of the Vern Bengtson along with his colleagues (1985), could have been the reason of many intergenerational nearest and dearest degree into familism for the past a couple of ily relationships brings an essential structure to possess understanding the sources of familism-the factors one to sign up for the maintenance and you may/or development of support within family.

    When you look at the a survey exploring the relationship between acculturation and you may nearest and dearest solidarity inside the Latina-Western family members, Julian Montoro-Rodriguez and you can Karl Kosloski (1998) discover for a few dimensions of attitudinal familism (familial duty and support out-of household members), acculturation was definitely linked to familism

    Psychological intimacy ranging from mothers and children and its own impact on the quality of the newest mother-guy bond try explored from inside the search on the «intergenerational stake» (Bengtson and you may Kuypers 1971; Bond and you can Harvey 1991) and you can «intergenerational solidarity» (Bengtson and Schrader 1982; Roberts and Bengtson 1990). The brand new hypothesis holds one to: (1) parents’ descriptions of dating are certainly more self-confident than simply kid’s; and (2) different amounts of money and you can development can get account fully for such variances into the relationship thinking. The newest intergenerational solidarity model happens one step after that, looking at emotional intimacy or «affect» anywhere between mothers and children since just one of six symptoms of solidarity or combination anywhere between years for the a family.

    This means, in comparison to assimilationist views towards family relations ties, you to due to the fact Latina People in the us end up being acculturated on dominant Anglo society, it still take care of and additional create support to their group. Прочитать остальную часть записи »