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    Sexism, misogyny and you may «machismo» is actually problems and frequently made use of while the a weapon against female politicians

    “Females empowerment” – a keyword that is very durante vouge, detailing a multidimensional societal and you may economic process that support individuals write their ability, gain power over the lives or take right up options. For the Italy people has actually – compared to most other West countries- an especially reasonable visibility from inside the top positions rather than also half of all Italian ladies are about employees. New Italian legislation are modern and better-meant to provide female, although issue is deeply grounded and you will cultural: Invisible barriers obstruct ladies out-of succeeding in their professions and providing best positions is generally pass on. And yet too frequently feminism is misused to possess governmental campaigning. Inside the a great structurally traditional country in which habits off consider and decisions are shaped from the strong determine of the Catholic Chapel. We chatted about the problem and ways to would a great environment for females when you look at the Italy with Marina Lili Venturini, Chairman of your own relationship Nazionale Donne Elettrici (ANDE), an NGO purchased give productive citizenship and you may political feel and you may equivalent possibilities for ladies and you may guys. Прочитать остальную часть записи »