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    Like split: Kosovar-Serbian Pair Be unable to Create a home from inside the Disapproving People

    History out-of Kosovo battle and you can continued tensions ranging from Kosovo and you can Serbia haven’t stopped a few young people off building a lifetime along with her from inside the Prishtina.

    For 2 teenagers off opponent nations have been couple of years dated from inside the Kosovo battle, the new bland early in the day, bad relationships among them nations and ongoing tensions have not prevented the fascination with each other.

    To possess Suzana Maric, 25, off Novi Unfortunate, Serbia and Gent Sejdiu, along with twenty-five, away from Ferizaj, Kosovo, centuries-old enmity and you may a bloody war have not been an obstacle to help you way of life with her.

    “I am not extremely regular, I will not guard the newest [Serbian] regimen. The newest routine of the 1990’s, Milosevic’s techniques, for my situation are eg Hitler’s techniques in Nazi Germany, a routine one lead a great amount of horror, many crappy anything,” Maric said.

    Nothing are talked about regarding the personal either in nation regarding you can marriage ceremonies anywhere between Kosovars and you will Serbs, adopting the high public division the battle in the Kosovo leftover at the rear of. Each other societies discover like ideas just like the a forbidden apple. Прочитать остальную часть записи »