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    Simultaneously, other people grab hupotassomai while the equivalent to «obey» — therefore we undoubtedly need certainly to mention such similarities and variations

    21-33. Inside our day extremes are obvious. there can be a relationship between the suggestions. Exactly what does hupotassomai indicate on the spouse? This might be the question.

    Our very own 1st step is always to examine this new lexical concept of brand new term. Etymologically, the definition of comes from the brand new preposition hupo (under) while the verb tasso (set, set, arrange). The brand new active sound mode «to help you under, subdue, build topic.» The inactive voice, after that, offers the definition, «end up being topic, feel obedient.» 30 Although some lexicographers forget that it, 29 the phrase does have a center sound, and therefore sells the idea «add oneself.» thirty two not, issue appears whether or not the middle voice sells the sense of «obey», 33 or perhaps is as an alternative «to submit voluntarily . Прочитать остальную часть записи »