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    Clothes is actually used to possess safeguards, decoration also to hide defects

    “The guy said, our very own Lord was The guy Who provided unto everything you their correct setting and led they to the right mode.” ()

    This new Holy Prophet (serenity and you will blessings of Allah get on him) was really concerned about brand new appeal of women. The guy constantly advised their followers to treat its wives with generosity. His personal run together with wives gets the prime example. Particular hadith are:

    In the same manner, kid and you will girl is to protect for every other’s prize and you can morals, and then make both getting safer that have love, assistance and you may facts

    1. “The most wonderful believer when it concerns faith was he whoever choices is the better; therefore the better of you are individuals who react far better its wives.”
    2. “Let zero Muslim boy amuse any rancor against a great Muslim lady. Would be to he dislike you to top quality inside her, however look for other that’s fun.”

    The newest Qur’an recommends there will be a two-season period involving the birth of any son to allow the newest mother’s looks to help you revived (get a hold of Holy Qur’an, ; 2:234). it recommends nursing for a-two season months to assist do so. Abortion are taboo as an easy way out of birth control, though it is actually allowed whether your longevity of mom are in danger. Прочитать остальную часть записи »