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    Wanting things in common anywhere between Lithuanians and Poles tends to be a knowledgeable response to this new jobs in order to separate him or her

    Shopping for one thing in common anywhere between Lithuanians and you can Poles are an educated reaction to the newest jobs so you can separate her or him

    Based on Dr. Viktor Denisenko, cultural teams are preferred target to own informational periods on account of exactly how insecure several was.

    “So you’re able to foment dissension, narratives you to definitely increase public trouble otherwise one to compare historical grievances so you’re able to modern day items; these narratives deliberately introduce tendentious otherwise misleading interpretations regarding ongoing circumstances. Inside the Lithuania, this type of things enjoys a familiar goal – to make conflict and to strengthen people that are maybe not devoted towards the condition where it real time,” states Dr. Denisenko.

    Dr. Denisenko stresses the the answer to strengthening strength up against such as for example propaganda narratives would be to deepen ethnic fraction combination and reinforce their people in the nation. “Cultural minorities don’t steer clear of the propaganda blogs, as they will consume suggestions pass on actually by Kremlin otherwise from Kremlin-controlled Tv channels. Прочитать остальную часть записи »