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    Professionals, 40 years and you may old, with mind-reported CVD (coronary arrest otherwise coronary attack, letter = 43) had been excluded due to the fact calculator is not always expect risk when it comes to those which three day rule beoordelingen have dependent disease. So it leftover a total of step one,432 (450 male, 982 females) members into investigation.

    The latest incidence off hypercholesterolemia is 18.4% (sixteen.3–20.8%) having a heightened ratio of women than just men which have elevated cholesterol levels accounts or bringing cholesterol drugs. All forms of diabetes and you can blood pressure level prevalence when it comes to those 40 years otherwise old was indeed about sixteen% and you may 47% respectively, that have ladies having a higher incidence of each other conditions. People was basically more likely to statement low levels away from physical exercise but had been less likely to cigarette (31% compared to six%). Female as well as got higher prevalence regarding being obese (46% vs fifteen%), and you may was more likely to have seen secondary education or even be about highly trained field group. Прочитать остальную часть записи »